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GEMU 1435 ePos Intelligent Positioner

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The digital electro-pneumatic positioner detects the valve position with an external LongLife travel sensor. It has a solid housing with protected operating keys and an easy to read LCD display. The operating times can be set by integrated throttles. Connection and mounting to NAMUR is also possible.

  • Simple and self-explanatory menu
  • Automatic initialisation function
  • Safety function during power or compressed air supply failure
  • Protection class IP 65
  • 3/4-wire type
  • Can be used with linear and quarter turn actuators
  • Operation with single and double acting actuators
  • Separate mounting of positioner and travel sensor
  • Simple handling and commissioning
  • Simple electrical connection by detachable terminals
  • Automatic optimization of valve control during initialisation
  • No air consumption when idle

Specifications  · Electrical Data  · Operating Conditions  · Main Functions  · Materials  · Travel Sensor  · Additional Diagnostics from Version Index 01




Field Bus





Double Acting
Single Acting

Explosion-proof Class

Without explosion-proof rating


4-20 mA actual value output
4-20 mA actual value output and heating element

4-20 mA actual value output Electrical connections M12 5-pin

4-20 mA actual value output, electrical connections M12 5-pin and heating element

Electrical connections M12 5-pin

Electrical connections M12 5-pin and heating element

Heating element Without


Electro-pneumatic 4-20 mA, 50 l/min
Electro-pneumatic 4-20 mA, 90 l/min

Protection Class to EN 60529

IP 65


160 mm


90 mm


84 mm


1.6 kg

Mounting Position


EC EMC Directive


EC Low Voltage Directive


Emission of Interference

EN 50081-2

Immunity to Interference

EN 50082-2

Characteristic Feature

  • During power or compressed air supply failure the valve adopts a safe position (see Safety Function)
  • For control function 2 (NO function) please also order throttle 1435DR_Z
  • 1 Versions with M12 connections: Order suitable cable sockets / plugs

    Electrical Data

    Power Supply

    24 V DC ± 10%

    Power Consumption

    ≤2.4 W (when idle)
    ≤7.2 W (during operation)

    Characteristic Accuracy

    ≤1 %

    Input Signals

    a) 0-10V; b) 0/4...20 mA

    Input Resistance

    a) 10 kΩ ; b) 50 Ω

    Position Feedback

    0-10 V; 4 to 20 mA (optional)

    Binary Outputs (24 V DC / 0.5 A)

    1 error message output
    2 alarm outputs

    Permissible Minimum Stroke

    3 mm

    Power Supply

    M16 cable entry

    Input Signal

    M16 cable entry

    Travel Sensor

    M12 cable entry

    Recommended Diameter of Connection Cable

    5 - 10 mm


    WAGO 236

    Cross Section Of Wire

    0.5...2.5 mm2 AWG 20...12

    Power Supply, Alarm Outputs (Optional)

    M12 plug, 5-pin

    Input/Output Signals (Optional)

    M12 plug, 5-pin

    Travel Sensor (Optional)

    M12 socket, 5-pin

    Operating Conditions

    Ambient Temperature

    0 to 60°C
    -20 to 60°C with heating element (≤25 W @ 24 V DC)

    Storage Temperature

    0 to 60 ºC

    Control Medium

    Quality classes to DIN ISO 8573-1

    Dust Content

    Class 3
    (max. particle size 5 µm)
    (max. particle density 5 mg/m3)

    Pressure Dew Point

    Class 4
    (max. pressure dew point 3°C)

    Oil Concentration

    Class 3
    (max. oil concentration 25 mg/m3)

    Air Supply

    0 - 6 bar

    Air Output

    50, 90 Nl/min, dependent on type (PZ = 6 bar)

    Air Consumption (when Idle)

    0 Nl/min

    Main Functions
    • Control function
      • Normally closed
      • Normally open
      • Double acting
    • Automatic initialisation of actuator and positioner
    • Position standardization Min. Position
    • Position standardization Max. Position
    • Close tight function at MIN/MAX POSITION
    • Linearization function for set value-> Position (linear, 1:25, 1:50, programmable)
    • Definition of programmable characteristic curve via 11 points


    Housing Material

    Aluminium, epoxy coated

    Display Cover Material


    Key Cover Material


    Travel Sensor Material

    Anod. Alu (linear design)
    NBR (quarter turn design)

    PAI (quarter turn design)

    PEEK (linear design)

    Travel Sensor

    Mounting (Linear design)


    Stroke (Linear design)

    0-30 mm

    Resistance R (Linear design)

    3 / 5 / 5

    Connection (Linear design)

    Pre-fitted cable (max. 20 m)

    Mounting (Quarter turn design)


    Angle of Rotation (Quarter turn design)

    0-93 º

    Resistance R (Quarter turn design)


    Connection (Quarter turn design)

    Pre-fitted cable (max. 20 m)

    Additional Diagnostics from Version Index 01
    Available in Advanced system mode
    • Diagnostic functions
    • 3 parameter sets can be saved and reloaded
    • 3 user levels (access authorization)
    • Operating hours counter
    • Event list


    ·  Dimensions - GEMU 4232 travel sensor for linear actuators

    ·  Dimensions - Mounting bracket GEMU 1445 for wall mounting of positioner

    ·  Dimensions - Travel sensor GEMU 4231 for quarter turn actuators incl. bracket


    1435 Data sheet


    Mounting kits for direct mounting - Linear actuators
    GEMU 1445 000 Z Mounting Kits for Direct Mounting - Linear Actuators

    Mounting kits for direct mounting - Quarter turn actuators
    GEMU 1445 000 Z Mounting Kits for Direct Mounting - Quarter Turn Actuators

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